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Mopti Sunset

A view of a iridescent orange, red sunset over the Niger River in Africa. The silhouette of man paddles boat in foreground.

Diafarabé Cattle Crossing

Fulani herdsmen with indigo died mouth with herd

Diafarabé Cattle Crossing

Tuareg herdsman scouts for the best place to cross the Niger River

Diafarabé Cattle Crossing

Malian herdsmen watches cattle before crossing the Niger

Diafarabé Cattle Crossing

A girl of the Diafarabé with cattle in background

Malian Child

girl plays with grind graining stick Islamic prayer boards in background

Malian Road Warior

Malians go to market ride in horse drawn wagon

Malian Welcome Dance

Men perform welcome dance in Mali

Mopti Woman

Mopti woman balances bowls on her head, Niger River in the background Mali

Tuareg Nomads

Man shelters from the sun in the shade of a Tuareg's camel, Mali

Little Green Bee-Eater in Flight

Little Green Bee-Eater in Flight in Mali

Malian Lamb

lamb shelters from sun in mud manger Mali

Quisitive Camel

quisitive camel looks backwards in Gourma Mali, Timbuktu

The Great Mud Mosque

The Great Mud Mosque of Djenne in Mali with imam

Dogon Vista

Dogon Boy looks out over the desert plain in Mali

Almedi Takes a Break

Almedi Takes a Break

Tawny Eagle

A Tawny Eagle hunts the small birds in Mali

Baby Elephant

Adults elephants escort a baby over open desert, Mali

Desert Elephants on the Move

Elephant matriarch leads herd quickly across the open desert

Desert Elephants

A baby elephant stays close to adults

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