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A man in Mopti strikes a pose while smoking a cigaretteDogon Boy looks out over the desert plain in MaliFulani herdsmen with indigo died mouth with herdBurmese orphans wait for the monks to give the word that they can take their seats at the communal tableA greek fisherman enjoys a cigarette on the isle of SantoriniSufi Dancers perform their twirling dance in CairoTuareg herdsman scouts for the best place to cross the Niger RiverA girl of the Diafarabé with cattle in backgroundgirl plays with grind graining stick Islamic prayer boards in backgroundMalians go to market ride in horse drawn wagonMen perform welcome dance in MaliMopti woman balances bowls on her head, Niger River in the background MaliMan shelters from the sun in the shade of a Tuareg's camel, MaliAlmedi Takes a Breakman looks across the Niger River in Djafarabe

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