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Frozen Lake Chetek

Frozen Lake Chetek Wisconsin infrared color

Hill Country Road

A road wonders through a dreamy glassy landscape of the Texas Hill Country.

Trees of Ta Prohm

black and white infrared Temple of Ta Prohm, Siem Reap Cambodia

Ethereal Parthenon

Velvety ethereal black and white view of the Parthenon in daylight

Templo de Santo Domingo

ethereal spanish colonial church with brooding blue grey sky

Gateway to the West

Saint Louis Gateway Arch, foreground road sign west, color infrared

Angkor Wat Through the Mist

Angkor Wat Through the Mist Oil Painting

Smugglers Cove

An arial view of sailboat floating in a mix of the sapphire blues waters of the Ionian Sea. In the background a sheer wall of rock rises out of the sea.

Mopti Sunset

A view of a iridescent orange, red sunset over the Niger River in Africa. The silhouette of man paddles boat in foreground.

Mountain Train 486

A train climbs a mountain pass. The engineer can be seen in the drivers seat as steam rises from the locomotive.

Greek Fisherman's Repose

A greek fisherman enjoys a cigarette on the isle of Santorini

Sufi Rainbow

Sufi Dancers perform their twirling dance in Cairo

The Contemplative Malian

A man in Mopti strikes a pose while smoking a cigarette

Diafarabé Cattle Crossing

Fulani herdsmen with indigo died mouth with herd

Mopti Woman

Mopti woman balances bowls on her head, Niger River in the background Mali

Malian Lamb

lamb shelters from sun in mud manger Mali

Wild Skies Over Parliament

Wild Skies Over Parliament

Dogon Vista

Dogon Boy looks out over the desert plain in Mali

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